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HUMEN dynamics app 3.0

Nuremberg in November 2021 The development continues and now the version 3.0 of the HUMEN dynamics app is available. What was important to us: we incorporated the suggestions and wishes of our users. This allowed us to make our product even more convenient and safer. New code system: After deciding which videos to analyze from […]

50 Years Tiger Family

Nuremberg in October 2021 With the certification as an ergonomic product, one of the world market leaders for children’s and youth school bags and backpacks took the path of facing the test criteria with regard to ergonomics suitable for children and young people at an early stage. We are pleased that the IGR is increasingly […]

Clean air at the beginning of school

Nuremberg in September 2021 Despite all conflicting opinions, one insight has prevailed: ventilation is good and cannot be replaced by mobile air purification devices. However, it is clear that the cleaning performance with regard to the viruses in the air is fast and controlled. What’s more, fine dust and various allergens are also reliably removed, […]

More ergonomics on the bike

Nuremberg in August 2021 The manufacturer Wilhelm Humpert GmbH & Co. KG from Wickede/Ruhr manufactures customizable bicycle components under the name ergotec. The aim of the developments is a high degree of adaptation to the needs of the respective cyclists. What we particularly like: not only ergonomic products are built and sold, the focus is […]

IGR Innovation Award Ergonomics 2021

Nuremberg in July 2021 For the third time, the jurors have come together and were spoilt for choice. The effort was worth it. Among the top-class applications were again the most diverse companies that stand for the diversity of the fields of application of modern ergonomics. Be it the classic office furniture manufacturer, which has […]

Take a deep breath in the classroom

Nuremberg, June 2021 Inordertominimizetheriskofinfectioninclassroomsandthusmaketeachingpossibleinthefirstplace,differentmeasuresareimplementedtoreduceaerosolpollution.Unfortunately,pureventilationhas proved tobelesseffectiveinpractice,especiallyiftheassociateddisruptivefactors are taken intoaccount,suchasnoiseandemissions,e.Bpollenflightfrom the outside.Ifventilationispossibleatall:evenmoreproblematicisthesituationinroomswherenowindowscanbeopened. Aim of the study Oneofthemosteffectivemethodsistheuseofairpurificationequipment.TheIGRwouldliketo find outinabroad-basedfieldstudy howthistechniquecan be usedunderrealconditions. Dohandlingandongoingoperationprovethemselvesinpractice? Canthelessonsbecarriedouttrouble-free? Istheoperationandmaintenancecomprehensibleanduser-friendly? Scientific background Accordingtoexperts,asstatedbyDr.SauterfromtheInstituteofAerosolResearch,filterefficiencyiscrucialforasignificantreductionintheriskofinfectionwhenitis necessary tosignificantlyreducetheconcentrationofviruses,allergensandparticulatematterintheair. With the aim of minimising the risk of infection in group rooms (and thus protecting students, teachers and school employees), this requirement must be met. This […]

Better sell ergonomics with expertise now in online format.

Nuremberg, April 2021 The IGR seminar “Better sell with expertise ergonomics” now online. The IGR has developed this training format specifically for providers of ergonomic products and services. Now also optionally as an online seminar! Current developments under pandemic conditions will also be taken into account. Especially when it comes to the fundamental changes in […]

Movie app! And action!

Nuremberg in March  2021 We now present everything you need to know about  the  “newcomer app” – ergonomically sustainable and innovative at the same time. Trendy, digital, health-promoting & scientifically sound – this  is  HUMEN®  dynamics, the ergonomic app of theIGR. A “high-tech tool” that not only opens up innovative perspectives around health & ergonomics […]

The new seminar programme 2021

Nuremberg in February Online, as it has already established itself as a standard in recent months and, because we look to the future with hope(!), after the summer holidays again as a presence seminar. The possibility to conduct seminars online has proven to be quite practical and we have been able to meet the specific […]