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Waking up.

The specialist area of sleep

The IGR has concerned itself at all times with the aspects relating to a healthy working environment. There is now a growing awareness that it is not only the daily working routine which requires observation but also that which happens before and after.

In other words, how we get to work and do we experience stress on the way there?  Congested roads, late and crowded forms of public transport, who is not aware of these problems? The same story after work. The daily routine continues at home: the housework, the minor and major worries of the children etc. And then you should also do sport and cook healthy food…

But you should still go to bed in good time and get enough sleep!

Now we come full circle. Healthy and restful sleep determines how we start the day. And how high our resilience is when dealing with stress and intensification of work.

For this, the IGR has set up an extensive education and training programme for all people who deal with healthy sleep:

  • The training of sleep consultants both at the manufacturers of sleeping systems and their specialist dealers
  • “Train The Trainer”: Multiplier training for people who wish to pass their sleep expertise on to others.
  • Seminars for people with an interest in simply sleeping well once more.

Certificate for exemplary sleeping systems

The IGR has been dealing with the testing and assessment of sleeping systems for many years. Within this, the same strict criteria are applied as for the other ergonomic products. The quality of an IGR-certified ergonomic products has also been rated by a neutral authority as being highly recommended.

The list of manufacturers of ergonomic sleeping systems may be found here:

Nuremberg, April 2018

Test for the seal of quality “Ergonomic product”

Various different industries have their ergonomic products tested for their practical suitability and usability. In March such companies were:

  • Dunlopillo (mattresses and sleeping systems)
  • Flex (industry and workshop)
  • Luctra (ergonomic light solutions)
  • Metzeler (mattresses and sleeping systems)
  • Segmüller (ergonomic upholstered furniture)
  • School-Mood (ergonomic school satchels)

Why was the seal of quality “Ergonomic product” started up?
A recommendation and testing by the IGR for the usability and ergonomics of a product follows a consistently preventative line of thought. This means that the primary objective is the maintenance of health so that problems such as back complaints never develop in the first place. It is for this reason that the seal of quality was created as a form of guidance when it comes to choosing from a multitude of offers the most suitable product for a healthier life.

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