Nuremberg in December 2020

Under the motto “Better advice with expertise Ergonomics”, the Institute of Health and Ergonomics trained the Soldan consultants to become a certified “specialist saleswoman/man in ergonomics”. The approach was: in conjunction with the comprehensive information of the ergonomics brochure, Soldan’s consultants are available to their clients when it comes to selecting the right ergonomic work equipment. The information is rounded off by practical fitness tips for the busy day-to-day work in the office, but also – up-to-date – in the home office.

Workplace analysis with HUMEN workplace analysis

In cooperation with the IGR, Soldan offers comprehensive certified advice. The HUMEN workplace analysis system is also used. The ergonomics and office workplace analysis is used for the visualization and documentation of workplace conditions. It offers the opportunity for an expert assessment of the individual office workplace situation by the certified ergonomics consultants.

 Nuremberg in August 2020

Up-to-date, forward-looking and special – THAT is the Innovation Award Ergonomics of the IGR. An award that recognizes outstanding achievements of companies around ergonomics & health: from the lived philosophy to the development and production of various products to specific services. Launched in 2019, the annual award ceremony in 2020 was staged for the second time. Of the 30 or so companies nominated by the IGR, 15 made it to the podium.

Innovation Award Ergonomics – Why?

Whether demographic change, digitalisation or late retirement: our world of work, including working conditions, is changing rapidly and presents us with new challenges. Health is also at the centre of attention here. So the time is ripe, ripe for it: to create a consciousness that is as widely spread as possible, to inspire accordingly. This applies to all topics relating to the ergonomic workplace – from acquisition to the arrangement of various solutions.

This is precisely why the IGR e.V. has launched the Innovation Award Ergonomics in Life. Because his award is not only putting first-class solutions in the spotlight. Rather, he values the healthy spirit of the entire corporate philosophy, spurs not only producers but also customers and users to a mutual, intensive exchange. But:

Without diligence, no price

If you want to have a chance of being nominated or even winning, you should live a healthy, ergonomic culture. The jury assesses how much the applicants have actually internalized this on the basis of exquisite criteria: from progressive-innovative concepts to preventive functions to long-lasting quality and ecological-social sustainability.

So the bar is high ….

But even in 2020 we hadthe right feeling and found it in the variety of applications. Our call for participation (January 1st – June 30th 2020) was followed by a wide range of industries: whether it’s outfiters for office or production, suppliers of relaxation furniture, manufacturers of ergonomic reclining systems or manufacturers of ergonomic solutions for household, fitness, school bags or baby jackets. Sure, with such a great selection, every single evaluation, based on an independent points system, was not really easy for our jury. Nevertheless:

“The dice have fallen”!

We are therefore very pleased to honour the following companies for their exemplary sustainable commitment with the IGR award “Ergonomics 2020 Innovation Award”: 

  1. Brainlight GmbH (massage and enstration chair;
  2. Dorsal s.r.l. (mattresses and suspension systems;
  3. Elektrolux household appliances (dishwashers ergonomic household appliances;
  4. Flexmed GmbH (insoles for shoes;
  5. Fond of GmbH (school bags for children;
  6. Greiner GmbH (innovative ergonomics for medicine, hair studios and vehicles;
  7. Kesseböhmer Ergonomietechnik GmbH (technical system components for tables;
  8. La Siesta GmbH (hanging chairs and hammocks;
  9. Mamalila GmbH (carrying jackets for babies;
  10. Martneck GmbH (neck support cushion;
  11. Mysheepi GmbH (head pillows;
  12. Neolog GmbH (production and operating equipment;
  13. Third of Life GmbH (solutions for good sleep;
  14. Tiger Enterprise Cooperation (school bags for children;
  15. Yab Fitness GmbH (ergonomic fitness equipment;

By the way: In order to ensure that the glamour factor is not neglected, we are happy to award our trophy – made by GEOtec Schul- und Bürowaren GmbH  – officially on request as part of an event individually designed by the winner himself.