Nuremberg in December 2020

Under the motto “Better advice with expertise Ergonomics”, the Institute of Health and Ergonomics trained the Soldan consultants to become a certified “specialist saleswoman/man in ergonomics”. The approach was: in conjunction with the comprehensive information of the ergonomics brochure, Soldan’s consultants are available to their clients when it comes to selecting the right ergonomic work equipment. The information is rounded off by practical fitness tips for the busy day-to-day work in the office, but also – up-to-date – in the home office.

Workplace analysis with HUMEN workplace analysis

In cooperation with the IGR, Soldan offers comprehensive certified advice. The HUMEN workplace analysis system is also used. The ergonomics and office workplace analysis is used for the visualization and documentation of workplace conditions. It offers the opportunity for an expert assessment of the individual office workplace situation by the certified ergonomics consultants.