Clean air at the beginning of school

Nuremberg in September 2021

Despite all conflicting opinions, one insight has prevailed: ventilation is good and cannot be replaced by mobile air purification devices. However, it is clear that the cleaning performance with regard to the viruses in the air is fast and controlled. What’s more, fine dust and various allergens are also reliably removed, regardless of whether air is exchanged regularly and regularly by opening the windows. In the cold season it can happen that too short or not at all ventilation is done…

Now the financing of (mobile) air purification devices is a problem in many places in view of tight budgets. Even with the promise of a 50% assumption of costs by state authorities, half of the costs are to be borne by the material expense carriers in the cities and municipalities, which sometimes presents them with considerable problems. It is remarkable how much private commitment is formed in this context, such as parents’ initiatives are active throughout the country and collect money to enable the financing of the devices.

As an institute, which is also active in the context of the ongoing study entitled “Take a deep breath in the classroom”, we cannot and do not want to intervene in this discussion. The only thing that is certain is that in the interest of the health of all those who come together in enclosed spaces, air purification systems based on HEPA 14 filter technology are a reliable solution for the removal of harmful particles of all kinds.

We are also happy to refer to our study partner, KRIEG in Heimsheim, Baden-Württemberg, who explains the technical requirements for efficient air purification on his website: