Nuremberg in February 2022

IGR offers the right support for all stages of the product life cycle:

1. your product is already on the market

"Product certification as a success factor"

Certified ergonomics is increasingly becoming a success factor when it comes to communicating the health-promoting properties of products. Many manufacturers from a wide range of industries are following this path and have undergone testing by the IGR.

2. you want to stand out from the competition with strong, verifiable arguments:

"Studies as evidence for the practical benefits of ergonomic products".

In practical application, the specific ergonomic properties of products are subjected to long-term observation in field tests at selected companies or by private individuals. What is the effect of these properties in different applications? Can we speak of a solution in terms of increasing well-being and improving health? Are these solutions sustainable and environmentally compatible? Can they also bring about positive behavioural changes among users? How are the product benefits evaluated by employees, supervisors, but also by the staff of occupational health management, HR or occupational safety?

3. you are breaking new ground and would like to incorporate the additional benefit of ergonomics even more strongly into your solutions:

Product Development

With our know-how, we support you in product development, because this is an effective contribution to ergonomics and health. An additional effect for you: a very satisfying product . We help you to bring your innovative solution to the market and ready for series production. The IGR is part of a wide-ranging network of experts and is therefore always up to date with the latest knowledge.

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