Nuremberg in November 2021

The development continues and now version 3.0 of the HUMEN dynamics app is available. What was important to us: we have incorporated the suggestions and wishes of our users. In this way, we were able to make our product even more convenient and secure.

New code system:

After you have decided which videos from  workplace are to be analysed, you can conveniently request your result by entering a code.  

You have full transparency in the utilisation. 

For newcomers 

...there is the code for a first minute to get to know the app. You will receive the code free of charge: You can use your minute freely and you can always see how much time is still available. When it expires, simply request a new code and we will send you an order at a fixed price, which you only have to confirm. Candid and fair.

You are a professional user

...and know what you want. Simply order the analysis minutes you need via the app at a guaranteed fixed price. The code is transferable and for not limited in time.

We keep receiving information from users about interesting areas of application for the app, e.g. as a supplement to risk assessment. Manufacturers who sell ergonomic solutions use the app to demonstrate their ergonomic competence to customers. We see that the areas of application are very diverse, the possibilities are endless! 

Questions, requests, suggestions or proposals? We at the IGR are here for you!  

Or directly in the download:

Nuremberg in October 2021

With the certification of the Ergonomic Product, one of the world market leaders for children's and youth school bags and backpacks has already chosen the path of meeting the test criteria for child-friendly ergonomics. We are pleased that the IGR is increasingly being recognised internationally and that our seal of quality is also establishing itself outside Europe.

The commemorative publication for the 50th anniversary of the Chinese manufacturer Tiger Family shows how important ergonomics has become in the children's sector. With intelligently implemented ergonomics, high-quality school bags and backpacks grow with the children and enable a carefree journey through school life.

Nuremberg in September 2021

Despite all the conflicting opinions, one insight has prevailed: Ventilation is good and cannot be replaced by mobile air purifiers. However, it is clear that the purifying performance of the devices with regard to viruses in the air happens in fast and controlled manner. What's more, fine particles and various allergens are also reliably removed, regardless of whether the air is exchanged regularly by opening the windows in accordance with regulations or not. In the cold season, it can also happen that ventilation is too short or not carried out at all...

Hoewever, the financing of (mobile) air purification devices is a problem in many places in view of tight budgets. Even with the promise of 50% cost coverage by government agencies, half of the costs have to be borne by the municipalities, which in some cases presents them with considerable problems. It is remarkable how much private commitment springs into being  in this context, e.g. how parents' initiatives are becoming active all over the country and are collecting money to make the financing of the equipment possible.

We as an institute, which is also active in the ongoing study entitled "Breathe easy in the classroom", cannot and do not want to intervene in this discussion. The only thing that is certain is in the interest of the health of everyone who congregates in enclosed spaces, air purification systems based on HEPA 14 filter technology are a reliable solution for removing particles of all kinds that are harmful to health.

We would also like to refer to our study partner, KRIEG in Heimsheim, Baden-Württemberg, who explains the technical requirements for efficient air purification on their website: