The Ergonomic Product Quality Mark in Industry

Nuremberg in November 2020

The use of optimised wheels and castors makes physically demanding tasks easier, which leads to noticeable relief for the workers.

Pulling and pushing, along with lifting, holding, carrying and setting down, are among the most common work steps when people have to move loads by hand. Especially in production and logistics, these physically demanding activities are part of everyday life - and thus represent a considerable strain for employees. This is because, depending on the weight of the goods to be transported, pulling and pushing requires an enormous amount of force and can overload muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints in the long term. This affects the spine, knees, hip joints and the entire hand-arm-shoulder area.

The IGR awarded the Besthane® and Blickle SoftMotion wheel series here. The seal was awarded due to the extremely low starting, rolling and swivelling resistances of the tread series.

Special audit for SoftMotion

The Blickle SoftMotion elastic soft rubber tread series is characterised by effective noise damping through the tread, plus low rolling and swivelling resistance and an improvement in ergonomics through noticeably higher ride comfort.

Less vibration, less noise

An additional and decisive feature is the vibration-reducing running properties.

The IGR's partner, the technical testing institute intertek GmbH in Fürth (, set up various test tracks with different floor coverings: a floor with cobblestones, then a typical walkway and a smooth industrial floor covering as a reference. The result showed significantly less vibrations as well as a strongly reduced noise emission, as the goods to be transported rattle less. The advantages are clear: less vibrations relieve the worker when pushing/pulling, and the reduced noise also benefits the environment, e.g. in kitchens or canteens due to less clattering.