The new seminar programme 2021

Nuremberg in February

Online, as it has already established itself as a standard in the last few months, and, because we are hopeful for the future(!), also as a in-person seminar after the summer holidays.

The possibility of conducting seminars online has proven to be quite feasible and we have been able to meet the specific requirements with new formats.


In addition, we will again offer our training courses as in-person events after the summer holidays. In any case, we can react flexibly to changing conditions. We always want to and can live up to the claim of contributing to workplace health! Whether at the desk or the workbench. Or at the kitchen table, if necessary, because the home office with its special conditions requires special measures.

Next we will organise the online course "Risk assessment at administrative workplaces" on 14 and 15 April 2021.

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