Nuremberg in August 2022

Wherever people work, it is about better working conditions. These must be considered from a health, economic and qualitative point of view. The requirements for the "ideal workplace" are often perceived as contradictory. Since no one is the same, ergonomic workplace design must adapt to the person and his or her personal situation.

Employees and companies benefits from this. Leitz and the Institute for Health and Ergonomics are working together to develop products and solutions that meet the needs of the take into account changing requirements for a healthy working environment.

Hybrid work

The focus is on new working models that enable working in the office, on the road and from to Connect home. In this context, there is also talk of "hybrid working". The fact that form and function can be combined is proven by numerous Leitz products, which have been awarded for their design and certified by the IGR for their ergonomic quality. The creation of the "ideal workplace" is one step closer.

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