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Field studies prove the benefit in daily use 

Beyond the certification of a product and its ergonomic properties, the market demands even more information about the benefits of usage over an ongoing period of time. This is where the IGR comes in with its field studies and provides evidence under real conditions. See also

Exploit funding opportunities

Please, also contact us to find out about the possibilities for funding from government authorities. The governmental sector, especially the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, have stepped up to promote development projects when it comes to the future viability of German SMEs. Digitalisation, AI and Industry 4.0 or Work 4.0 require all economic entities to rethink their orientation and reposition themselves.

Cooperation projects

With our studies, we would like to contribute an place of guidance in the world of ergonomics and the optimisation of working conditions (today and in the future). We also look forward to bringing together several companies and institutions when it comes to formulating projects worthy of support.

Start proving your product - we are happy to offer advice!