Nuremberg in October 2022

Product certification as a strong support for product communication. Everyone knows the old but always current saying: "Do good and talk about it". In this case applied: "Be good and show it to everyone". More and more often we receive feedback from our customers about the positive effect a product certification has had on their company. The feature of the objectively and neutrally tested ergonomic quality of a product gives users the good feeling and the security of having been positively supported in their purchase decision. An aspect that continues after the purchase, as a positive confirmation of having made the right choice for themselves (and others). Customer loyalty is the magic word.

All that remains is to make the message widely available to its target group. The IGR supports you here in making the certification known internationally and tirelessly points out to also use all the possibilities of modern communication. The label is currently available in 20 languages.

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"Selling better with ergonomics expertise".

Since the ergonomic message is also heard by professionals, the IGR offers training for the employees of the manufacturers of the certified products. Here, in particular, also those who are in daily contact with their customers: the internal and external sales staff. Here, the terms must be correct and the benefits for the customers must be clearly understood. The IGR supports all those who live ergonomics with a customized industry-specific seminar program! The sales-supporting added value of the seal of approval is effectively communicated for practical use in all sales channels.

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