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Think about your back... IGR Health Day at Excella Pharma
"Think about your back" was the motto of the back health day at the pharmaceutical manufacturer Excella in Feucht, Franconia, in July. Together with the Interessengemeinschaft der Rückenschullehrer/-innen e. V., a varied and informative programme with many offers had been put together.

Feucht, Nuremberg, July 2015
The company's environmental protection and occupational safety department initiated the internal "Healthy Work" project together with the works council back in 2011. The aim is to inform employees about the three pillars of health - exercise, nutrition and stress reduction - and to motivate them to work in healthier ways. In recent years, action days on these topics have been held regularly.

This time in July, an action day was planned on the topic of "back health". Under the motto "Think about your back", employees could inform themselves during working hours and participate in various offers.

For the planning and implementation of the event, the company had brought experts from the Interessengemeinschaft der Rückenschullehrer/-innen e. V. (IGR) on board. (IGR) on board for the planning and implementation of the event. During the back check, people could learn a lot about their own backs, and during the reactive training with dumbbells, they could get to know new training methods.excella

Daniela Kovats, responsible for health protection and occupational safety at Excella, is pleased about the very positive response: "With the health day, we wanted above all to give incentives to make the topic of back health a part of one's own everyday life in the long run. The feedback from colleagues shows positive responses to this topic."

The IGR has been committed to "workplace health" for a long time and wants to help promote the corporate goal of workplace health in the long term. In organising health days and similar events, it is an independent partner that provides know-how in many areas.

About Excella
Since its foundation in 1913, Excella GmbH has been characterised by a special relationship with nature, as the production of medicinal products and preparations from natural substances and medicinal plants form the roots of the company.

Occupational safety, health and environmental protection have the same priority at Excella as economic concerns.

As a company in the pharmaceutical industry, Excella is convinced that occupational safety and environmental protection, safety, energy efficiency and quality are essential pillars for the long-term survival, competitiveness and development of the company. Excella conducts its business responsibly and in the spirit of sustainable development, taking into account the needs of the individual, society and the environment.

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