Nuremberg July 2022

With the fourth presentation of the Ergonomics Innovation Award, one can almost speak of establishing a tradition! What pleases us is that the topic of ergonomics is on the rise and is always being rethought.

This is also reflected in the many new topics that we encountered when reviewing the applications. Which is also a reflection of the upheaval we are currently undergoing.

Once again, the jurors got together and didn't make it easy. You can see what came out in the list of this year's award winners.

Industry diversity

Wherever people are, they encounter products and solutions that make life healthier and more sporty, or simply give them pleasure. Successful ergonomic concepts are characterized by ease of use and high utility value. The range of this year's award winners is wide: whether at home in the bathroom, with shoes, comfortable seating furniture or for restful sleep on ergonomic reclining systems, on the road on a bicycle, at school with satchels suitable for children, or on construction machinery in the tough world of work. All award winners were able to position themselves as exemplary companies in terms of their overall ergonomic orientation.

The topic of behavioral ergonomics is also attracting a great deal of interest. At the IGR, this is met with more and more requests for training and specialized courses for the companies, which would like to use it to sharpen their ergonomic profile even more, both externally and internally.

Visible in the e-commerce environment

The Innovation Award is valuable for positioning the company visibly in the competitive environment. For example, we regularly receive feedback that placing the Innovation Award on the well-known e-commerce platforms has led to a significant increase in qualitative feedback and leads, and even increased sales.

Let yourself be surprised by the variety of manufacturers and their innovative solutions!

We are pleased to present the IGR award "Innovation Award Ergonomics 2022" to the following winners:

Winner of the Ergonomics Innovation Award 2022

4tiitoo GmbH

ARCO Polstermöbel GmbH & Co. KG

BADESOFA™ Interior Design Ltd.

Beckmann AS

Belawol, eine Marke der FUTONWERKSTATT

Dagsmejan Ventures AG

dormiente GmbH

Ergofino GmbH

Ergon International GmbH

Ergotopia GmbH

Ergotrics NV

Gerflor Mipolam GmbH

Herlitz PBS AG

Hydroflex Group GmbH

IT-Line GmbH

Lions Spirit Ltd.

Löffler GmbH


Metzeler Schaum GmbH

Pelikan Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

Probst GmbH

Rocholz GmbH



SOLE RUNNER® Barefoot Shoes

SQlab GmbH

Third of Life GmbH