IGR certificate rated "highly recommended" by Label-online

Berlin, Nuremberg in July 2017

The test seal "Ergonomic Product" of the IGR, Interessengemeinschaft der Rückenschullehrer/innen e.V. was assessed and tested by the consumer portal "Labelonline".

The IGR test seal was the only ergonomics label listed on the Label-online website and received their highest award, their "highly recommended". The quality and significance of quality seals are assessed.

Link: http://label-online.de/label/ergonomisches-produkt/

Contact: info@igr-ev.de


In our world of goods, nothing works without labels, seals and quality marks. Far more than 1000 of them are stuck on products, distinguish services or online offers. Originally intended as quick advice for purchase decisions, labels have lost this function for many consumers due to the sheer number of them in existence.

www.label-online.de offers consumers an overview. With the help of ratings and background information, it is easy to see which symbol means what and what standard of quality is behind it. For quick orientation on the go, www.label-online.de hasalsobeen available as an appsince the end of April 2014.