Nuremberg July 2023

From our small series in which we honor our winners of the Ergonomics Innovation Award, we would like to introduce the Möbelmacher in July. In the tourist region of Hersbrucker Alb, they design and manufacture individual kitchens and furniture from regional solid wood. 

"25 years of sustainability in Unterkrumbach" was the title of the Möbelmacher yearbook last year. The Möbelmacher are sustainable in many respects.

From our point of view also sustainably ergonomic. Which can be seen in the various fields of activity, which - and this is again typical of Möbelmacher - have developed continuously and sustainably over time. Growth with a sense of proportion and with firm roots, anchored in the Hersbrucker Alb, but always on the cutting edge. What pleases us is that sustainability is lived outwardly but also inwardly, not to chase after a fashion, but out of conviction.