Nuremberg in September 2022

The world of work has changed rapidly: Face-to-face work in the offices has been sustainablly mixed with the assignments in the office (or mobile use on the go). Even in classic workplaces, nothing is as it once was. Coworking spaces, open office landscapes and lounge offices are becoming more and more popular.

This is where work equipment that meet these new requirements come in handy: self-explanatory and easy to use. The challenge for employers is to provide employees with the competence for the indecent correct use and setting of product solutions or to support them in their selection.

The German Network Office e.V ("Deutsches Netzwerk Büro e.V") has now published the brochure "Ergonomic aids in the office". It provides information about the benefits and areas of application of office accessories, formulates quality criteria and provides an overview of usable products.This brochure is only available in german language.