Nuremberg in March 2020
Whether as a seminar "Ergonomics at the office workplace" or "Active lecture": the IGR and its speakers always ensure a good mood for the implementation of healthy ideas and set the right impulses. Completely in the sense of Ergotainment!
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Durable Luctra

on March 3 in Iserlohn
"An all-around successful and informative event that showed me how to behave better and, above all
and, above all, more consciously at the workplace. Correct sitting posture, optimal adjustment and height of the monitor, relaxation exercises for the muscles: all these are aspects that I was already able to implement the following day."
Reinhold Schulte - Application Consultant, Durable

"The IGR pointed out where our pain points are and explained that it's not our fault, but gravity's responsibility. Then it was explained what we can actively do against pain and tension. After the entertaining training, the participants have optimized their workplaces ergonomically and the corners of their mouths have noticeably moved up a bit. Rating: Absolutely recommendable."
Jens Tuschhoff, Team Leader Application Consulting, Durable Luctra

mauser furnishing systems

on January 23 in Bad Arolsen
mauser einrichtungssysteme invited its specialist dealers to the "Preview of Innovations" at the Brunnenhaus Hotel in Landau Castle (Bad Arolsen).

Claudia Vesper, Head of Marketing and HR Department Marketing, commented:
"The active lecture by Ms. Hilgert greatly enriched the event! Many thanks for that!"

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