Nuremberg, April 2018

Test for the seal of quality “Ergonomic product”

Various different industries have their ergonomic products tested for their practical suitability and usability. In March such companies were:

  • Dunlopillo (mattresses and sleeping systems)
  • Flex (industry and workshop)
  • Luctra (ergonomic light solutions)
  • Metzeler (mattresses and sleeping systems)
  • Segmüller (ergonomic upholstered furniture)
  • School-Mood (ergonomic school satchels)

Why was the seal of quality “Ergonomic product” started up?
A recommendation and testing by the IGR for the usability and ergonomics of a product follows a consistently preventative line of thought. This means that the primary objective is the maintenance of health so that problems such as back complaints never develop in the first place. It is for this reason that the seal of quality was created as a form of guidance when it comes to choosing from a multitude of offers the most suitable product for a healthier life.

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