Nuremberg in November 2021

The development continues and now the version 3.0 of the HUMEN dynamics app is available. What was important to us: we incorporated the suggestions and wishes of our users. This allowed us to make our product even more convenient and safer.

New code system:

After deciding which videos to analyze from a workstation, you can conveniently request your result by entering a code.  

You have full transparency in the application. 

For newcomers 

… there is the code for a first minute of getting to know each other. You will receive the code free of charge: You can use your minute freely at the same time you can always see how much time is still available. After expiration, simply request a new code, you will receive an order from us at a fixed price, which you only have to confirm. Open and fair.

You are a professional user

… and know what you want. Simply order the required analysis minutes via the app at a guaranteed fixed price. The code is transferable and unlimited in time.

 From practice, we repeatedly receive information on which areas of application are interesting for the app, e.B  to supplement the risk assessment. Manufacturers who sell ergonomic solutions use the app to demonstrate their ergonomic competence to customers. We see that the areas of application are very diverse, there are no limits to the imagination, so to speak! 

Questions, wishes, suggestions or suggestions? We at IGR are here for you!