Movie app! And action!

Nuremberg in March  2021

We now present everything you need to know about  the  “newcomer app” – ergonomically sustainable and innovative at the same time.

Trendy, digital, health-promoting & scientifically sound – this  is  HUMEN®  dynamics, the ergonomic app of theIGR. A “high-tech tool” that not only opens up innovative perspectives around health & ergonomics in companies. Rather, the app impresses both senseless and visible. Thanks to lively interaction and expressive visualization, it sharpens the awareness of relieving, correct movement sequences in production or craftsmanship.  H UMEN®  isnow available for download: from the Apple  Store  or  on  Google  play.

Humen Dynamics – Why?

Whether demographic change, later retirement, global technology: the face of our world of work and its requirements is completely changing. Not only in the distant future, but now. The focus is on the physical and mental well-being of all employees. Only those who feel fit and agile remain fully active in their professional life for as long as possible. It is therefore time to raise our awareness accordingly. This is for healthy ergonomics at the workplace – from optimal equipment to ideal movement sequences.

This is precisely why the IGR developed a forward-looking concept for the promotion of corporate ergonomics. In cooperation with the team of Prof. Dr. Gerold  Bausch  at the  Laboratory for  Biosignal Processing  at  HTWK Leipzig, the computer-based application  HUMEN® dynamics wascreated. Already available offline since September 2019,   the tool is very popular with responsible health managers. Because instead of grey theory, the motto is:

Let pictures speak

Only a short “in action video” recorded directly or live at the workplace is sufficient for an exact evaluation of the motor skills with the help of HUMEN®  dynamics.  In plain language: film, upload the file and you can send an e-mail via the IGR to the HTWK for analysis. An analysis that, in addition to easy comprehensibility, inspires with pictorial clarity.

In this way, employees, supervisors or “health officers” discover what is wrong with the video based on their own mirror image. Because Ergo-Man (anatomical stick figure) evaluates and documents all movements of the knee, shoulder and spine. Orientation to the RULA standard (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment).  According to the traffic light principle, it changes its color from green to orange to red – depending on the error rate, time load and need for improvement. An all-round successful process: simple, sustainable and motivating at the same time, since tangible.

„Health is digital“

But in HUMEN®  dynamics there is even more high-tech potential, namely and this has finally been implemented in a technical-creative way. HUMEN®  dynamics has thus become a hip, digital trendsetter. Better said: To a mobile, smart & interactive app. An app that literally enlivens the ergonomic market:

Always at your fingertips – we have it in our hands

Thanks to smartphones, tablets & co., HUMEN®  dynamics is now available for use anywhere. The app picks up employees, colleagues and managers right where they are regularly: at their workplace. Long-breathed scheduling with each other as well as cumbersome procurement processes in terms of (video) equipment are eliminated. Because the mobile phone on site is quickly snapped up and you’re off – successful installation including registration of an account provided. Now it says:

Film off and action: “Join” instead of ONLY “Be there”

After all, the successful mix of fresh, lively communication and gripping (social) interaction makes all the  difference. The enthusiasm for a long-term ergonomically healthy behavior intensifies immensely. So don’t hesitate to be your own director or to play the lead role in your own live movie. Let yourself be carried away by this game!

How does it work? Easy! Keep your smartphone across (director), throw in T-Pose (actor), press “recording” and  everything is in the box: separate movements or entire processes – from individuals to several colleagues to complete departments.

The shooting is not running as desired? Because the motor processes are not optimally staged? The protagonists do not appear completely, the 60 seconds of film time are not exhausted or even exceeded? Don’t  make it! From saving all videos to individual post-processing to the chronological sequence of several sequences, nothing is left to be desired.

 Smart thanks to central automation

By the way, thisalso applies to all runs when editing the videos. Whether the digital provision of technical information for better ergonomic understanding, the paid order and evaluation or the film ingessay itself: All processes run completely automatically and centrally via the app, ultimately end up directly at the right contact person. In plain language: the video clip for analysis by the  Triforx  / HTWK team in Leipzig, the data for the invoice at the IGR.

From now on, the complex conversion of (film) files is as much a thing of the past as sending numerous mails to different contacts. Even preliminary discussions with external ergonomics consultants  are no longer mandatory, but are possible if necessary. In times of “Social  Distancing” a big plus.

Promote health, not endanger it

That’s the basic tenor of the app. The methodology of HUMEN® dynamics is therefore based on current scientific findings from the disciplines of work science, medicine and physiotherapy. The results from the ergonomic analysis and evaluation come from the respective specialists.

Did you know? The application of the app not only protects your health, but also your sensitive user data: GDPR and  secure encryption on secure servers are mentioned here as keywords. Last but not least:

 Wirbelix helps with wit & in color

Who, please, is that? We introduce (who don’t know him yet): Wirbelix – cartoon character, mascot and expert, virtual assistant. Loosely explaining, he guides through the program, eliminating not only ambiguities but also possible digital uncertainties or fears of contact. With his clever, almost cool manner, he brings everyone on board without exception – from the “Digital Natives” to the “Boomers”. In short:

Health is really fun!

The app HUMEN® dynamics offers a motivating introduction to the (digital) world of workplace health promotion: fast, easy, “low-threshold” – for ALL generations. This is precisely what benefits both sides: employers, but also employees. So, what are you waiting for? Give your health management a digital up-grade, add the mobile app  HUMEN®  dynamics!

Questions, wishes, suggestions or suggestions? We at the IGR are here for you! 

 Or in the download: