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Understanding movement.

Visualising the stresses in
production, handicraft and service occupations.


Visit us at the Motek and the A+A

The IGR Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie is presenting the HUMEN® dynamics
and HUMEN® workplace analysis this autumn at the Motek in Stuttgart on the stand
of Krieg Betriebseinrichtungen GmbH and the A+A in Dusseldorf on the combined stand
of the DNB (German Office Network) and the Basi (German Federal Association
for Occupational Safety and Health).

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Cold white light enhances well-being.

LED light system tested at BMW
Shift work means stress for the body Working under artificial light disrupts such things as
the natural day-night rhythm. In order to improve the lighting situation. For employees with
rotating shifts, researchers from the Fraunhofer-Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy
Technology (UMSICHT) and sleep researchers from the Porz am Rhein hospital investigated
the non-visual use of LED technology in a study at the BMW Group plant in Munich.

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Studies prove ergonomic benefit –
utilize funding opportunities

IGR tests products for their ergonomic properties. After successful testing we award
the seal of quality "Ergonomic product". This is proof of the applicability for the various
requirements and needs of the users.

Field studies address an extended area of applications and investigate the fundamental
effects and sustainability of relative ergonomic technologies and the effectiveness of
behavioural ergonomic actions.

Innovation Prize for Ergonomics

The Innovation Prize is back for its second year in 2020. The IGR is once again issuing awards to companies that are an exemplary byword for the subject of ergonomics.



The comprehensive training programme with a certificate. In collaboration with the Mensch & Büro Akademie High-quality training and education formats are the key to occupational health.

Training & Education

The training programme for all those that deal with ergonomics at work. Whether in sales or in occupational health management.

Event & Ergotainment

The IGR turns health and ergonomics into an experience. From a health day to a company event…

Research & Development

From a market study for ergonomic products up to support for research and development on topics such as sleep system or ergonomic office solutions – the IGR means extensive expertise.

ergonomic product


The IGR checks and certifies ergonomic products and services based on strict quality criteria. It is all about practical health, prevention and applicability.


Valuable support when dealing with the establishment or optimisation of ergonomic workplaces. Or if concepts for the marketing of ergonomic products and services are required.

For this, you can also obtain active support from our Expert partners in ergonomics – also in your vicinity.



Workplace analyses, risk assessments, dialogue marketing: the IGR supports you, for example, in your workplace health promotion measures and much, much more…

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