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International commercial agencies

Our strong partners around the globe

International commercial agencies

Our strong partners around the globe

We are deeply convinced that with the right solutions we can do a lot to maintain health and effectively prevent physical complaints. For this reason, the IGR is not only committed to its field of activity nationwide, but also wants to gain further supporters for its cause beyond national borders in order to spread this important topic around the world.

Under the motto “The new way of ergonomics”, we establish far-reaching contacts and also contribute our scientific knowledge and experience in an international context. This creates valuable partnerships with commercial agencies that represent the IGR abroad in order to inspire an even larger target group for ergonomic products and services from the IGR.

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Get to know our worldwide partners

More focus on health

Maintaining your health is more important than ever in both your professional and private life. We use this fact to promote ergonomic concepts in other countries as well and to work intensively on new workplace systems as part of IGR product development. By bringing together manufacturers, employers, employees and consumers to develop innovative ergonomic solutions, we are moving towards a common goal.

Share expert knowledge profitably

The IGR has been committed to health and ergonomics for over 20 years. As a result, it has a huge wealth of experience from which all partners abroad benefit wonderfully. We incorporate the results of studies and all our know-how into the collaboration in order to make our standards known internationally. In this way, concentrated ergonomics knowledge from Nuremberg reaches the world, sets the right standards and encourages imitation.

Bringing ergonomics to life

Thanks to our knowledge of the industry and intensive cooperation with manufacturers and specialist retailers, we know exactly how health promotion can not only be fit for purpose, but also be fun and look great. Our international partners tailor their local consulting services accordingly, so that unique ergonomic concepts are created and successfully disseminated worldwide.

Ergonomics and health are becoming increasingly important globally

Fortunately, we live in an age in which people are increasingly concerned about their physical well-being and are quite prepared to promote it effectively. This sensitization can be seen not only here in Germany, but also globally, creating the perfect conditions for the IGR to become active internationally.

We are therefore developing an ever-growing network of sales representatives abroad who are adopting our requirements for ergonomic working in order to certify even more companies worldwide in accordance with the prestigious IGR standard.

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