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Knowledge Center

The concentrated knowledge of ergonomics from our institute

Knowledge Center

The concentrated knowledge of ergonomics from our institute

The IGR Knowledge Center stands for the active exchange of knowledge in the world of ergonomics. We are convinced that innovation, growth and cohesion in the industry are only possible through such a transfer of knowledge. On the following pages you will find insightful studies from the field of ergonomics, field and product studies from our own institute in collaboration with our partners and customers, as well as publications from our partners and the IGR network itself. You will also find recommended links to guides and collections of rules from the world of occupational safety and prevention.


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    VDU and office workstations, guidelines for design.

    Published by the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV)

    In cooperation with the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA).

    Application of ergonomic rules and testing the usability of products.
    Published by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA).

    The brochure helps you to find the right glasses for your work at the screen and the correct position of the monitor. With many valuable tips.

    The German Office Network provides information on the possibilities of behavioral ergonomics to counteract the lack of movement in the office or in the home office.

    The brochure “Ergonomic aids in the office” has been published. It provides information on the benefits and areas of application of office accessories, formulates quality criteria and provides an overview of products that can be used.

    The brochure “Economic efficiency of good and healthy office work” provides arguments for the economic approach to good and healthy office work in the form of figures, data and facts.

    Tips and information about the new forms of office work.

    The 2nd edition of this brochure has been published. It contains a lot of background knowledge and numerous practical recommendations.

    Guidelines for conducting an observation interview as part of a company risk assessment. It helps to identify and eliminate such hazards in the company.
    Published by the INQA Initiative New Quality of Work. This is a joint initiative of the federal and state governments, business associations and institutions, trade unions, the Federal Employment Agency, companies, social insurance institutions and foundations.

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