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Healthier sleep – IGR stands for the competence field of sleep

Field of expertise: sleepWaking up.

The IGR has always been concerned with the aspects of a healthy working environment. More and more people are now realizing that it is not only the day-to-day work that needs to be observed, but also the before and after.

In other words, how do we get to work, are we stressed just getting there? Congested streets, unpunctual, overcrowded public transport – who hasn’t experienced this? After work, the same game. Everyday life continues at home: the household, the small and big worries within the family, etc. Then you also have to do sport and cook healthy food…

But still get to bed on time and get enough sleep!

This is where the circle closes. Healthy and restful sleep is responsible for how we start the day. And how high our resilience is when it comes to stress and work overload. This is where the IGR comes in, with a comprehensive education and training program for everyone involved in healthy sleep:

  • Training of sleep consultants from sleep system manufacturers and their specialist retailers
  • “Train The Trainer”: multiplier training for people who want to pass on their sleep know-how to others.
  • Seminars for interested people who simply want to sleep well again.

Certificate for exemplary sleep systems

The IGR has been involved in the testing and assessment of sleep systems for many years. The same strict criteria are applied as for the other ergonomic products. The quality of the IGR ergonomic product certificate has also been rated as particularly recommendable by a neutral body.

Here you will find a list of manufacturers of ergonomic sleep systems: