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Ergonomics Coach Administration

This course provides an in-depth knowledge of ergonomics at the office workplace and the topic of relationship and behavioral ergonomics. The special coaching element makes it possible to instruct other employees in an appropriate manner and turn them into multipliers in terms of healthier working practices in the company.

You can choose between two variants:

Open seminars

These are aimed at individuals or small groups, the seminar takes place on a specific date and is organized in cooperation with the Mensch&Büro-Akademie.

Closed seminars

The individual solution for your company. You book the seminar exclusively for your organization. Course variants or an adaptation of the content to your individual goals can be agreed with us in advance.

A one-day seminar with correspondingly reduced content can also be booked on request.

Contents (excerpt):

Day 1

Introduction to the theoretical principles of anatomy, ergonomics and assessment procedures

  • Basics of anatomy and ergonomics
  • Influences of work organization
  • Physiological aspects, psychological aspects
  • Legal basis
  • Presentation of the TOP model
  • Relational and behavioral ergonomics

Day 2

  • Ergonomics at the administrative workplace, practical application in the company
  • Best practice examples from large companies
  • Ergonomically sensible arrangement of work equipment Chair and table, document holder, mouse, swivel arm, palm rest, footrest
  • Correct vision, maintaining visual acuity
  • VDU work and visual aids
  • Environmental factors noise, air, light – brief overview
  • Compensatory exercises / practical training


  • 2 day format: 09:00 – 16:30 each day
  • Type of training: Examination and certificate
  • Speakers: Specialists of the IGR
  • Recommended group size: 12, max. 15 persons


At your business premises or at a seminar venue of your choice


By arrangement


Option of taking the examination to obtain the certificate

This includes

  • Acceptance of the test
  • Evaluation of the test
  • Preparation and dispatch of personalized participant certificates/certificates.