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Training format “Consultant couch ergonomics” again in fall…

Training format

Nuremberg, April 2020
The IGR has developed this training format for providers of ergonomic products and services, especially in the sleep sector. The aim is to impart solid basic ergonomic knowledge and its practical application. The aim is to always be able to provide customers with safe and needs-based advice, especially in specialist retail, when it comes to individual solutions for healthy sleep.

For all those who provide advice in the sleep sector: whether choosing the right mattress or an entire sleep system, the questions keep coming up:

  • How do I present the special features of my products and services in such a way that they stand out from the competition?
  • What constitutes a truly unique selling point?
  • How do I make sleep ergonomics tangible and guide my customers to the perfect sleep system for them?
  • What does “healthy sleep” mean and how can we cater to different sleep types?

The training profile has a modular structure and can be further expanded with additional advanced courses.

Read our information sheet and secure your place today…