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Ergonomics Coach Production

What does ergonomics mean and what is the importance of ergonomics at production workstations?

The aim of the seminar is to recognize ergonomic problems at different workplaces in production, to make them clear and then to point out solutions. Both in terms of the relative and behavioral ergonomics at the workplace.

These are aimed at individuals or small groups, the seminar takes place on a specific date and is organized in cooperation with the Mensch&Büro-Akademie.

The individual solution for your company. You book the seminar exclusively for your organization. Course variants or an adaptation of the content to your individual goals can be agreed with us in advance.

A one-day seminar with correspondingly reduced content can also be booked on request.

Contents (excerpt):

Day 1

Ergonomics at the industrial workplace, basics of anatomy, ergonomics and assessment procedures

  • Basics of anatomy and ergonomics
  • Influences of work organization
  • Physiological aspects, psychological aspects
  • Legal basis
  • Presentation of the TOP model
  • Relational and behavioral ergonomics
  • Damage to the musculoskeletal system in production work
  • Assessment procedure and workplace analysis
  • Presentation of different valuation methods: Key feature method and co.
  • Application of computer-aided imaging techniques, such as Humen dynamics
  • Risk assessment, risk factor working environment conditions, psychological factors

Day 2

Ergonomics at the industrial workplace, practical application in the company

  • Stress and strain model
  • Stress factors: one-sided strain, forced postures, problems of repetitive activities, consideration of external factors such as noise, air, light
  • Practical ergonomics in the company
  • Proportional ergonomics: ergonomic workplace design through technical improvements, correct use of work equipment
  • Behavioral ergonomics: Recognize – Train – Anchor
  • Bending, lifting, carrying, pulling, standing in practice
  • Correct vision, screen work and visual aids
  • Coaching and multiplier training: how do I impart the practical application of ergonomic knowledge?
  • Short relaxation and balancing exercises at the production workplace


  • 2 day format: 09:00 – 16:30 each day
  • Type of training: Examination and certificate
  • Speakers: Specialists of the IGR
  • Recommended group size: 12, max. 15 persons


At your business premises or at a seminar venue of your choice.


By arrangement.


Option of taking the examination to obtain the certificate.

This includes

  • Acceptance of the test
  • Evaluation of the test
  • Preparation and dispatch of personalized participant certificates/certificates