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The Special Award Ergonomics goes into the next round!

Nuremberg in June 2022

Why is the Special Award for Ergonomics presented?

Whether at school, at university or later in professional life – back problems start early on. Too little exercise from an early age and the diverse challenges of the modern working world, such as mobile working or alternating workplaces, can quickly turn painful impairments into a permanent issue.

But ergonomic products from the paper, office and stationery sector show that this doesn’t have to be the case. These help to create an environment in which safe and concentrated work is possible. Insights-X has created the Special Award Ergonomics in cooperation with the IGR in order to raise awareness of ergonomics among more companies and create an incentive for the production of ergonomic solutions.

In which categories is the award presented?

As it is not possible to start using good ergonomic products early enough, the selection focuses on solutions that are designed to give our schoolchildren a carefree start to the “serious side of life”:

  • (School) bags and rucksacks
  • Writing instruments

Which products are considered for the award?

Prizes are awarded to products in both categories that offer demonstrable ergonomic added value and are committed to the goal of healthy working.

Who can register a product for the award?

Anyone who offers a product from one of the two categories that has added ergonomic value. Participation in the Insights-X stationery trade fair as an exhibitor is not a prerequisite.


Then contact our partner, Spielwarenmesse eG, Nuremberg, for more information